1990 NASCAR Winston Cup Stock Car

This car was originally built for Robert Yates Racing as a Thunderbird for driver Davey Allison. The car won Winston Cup Races at Sears Point with Davey Allison in 1991 and Ernie Irvan in 1994. It was later re-bodied as Ford Taurus in 1998 for Dale Jarrett. Jarrett won the Winston Cup Championship in 1999 driving this Ford Quality Care Car at Sears Point with a 6th place finish and Watkins Glen with a 4th place finish.

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Vehicle Type NASCAR Winston Cup Stock Car
Year Built 1990 Rebodied in 1998 and 2001 as Ford Taurus
Built By Laughlin Chassis
Suspension Coil Springs Front and Rear
Engine Ernie Elliott, 358 cubic inch, 790 hp, aluminum heads, steel block, single 4-barrel carburetor, gasoline fuel
Owner Dan Verstuyft Collection


In 2000, the car was re-liveried to UPS with a 2001 Ford Taurus body. After the end of the 2001 season, the car was retired and sold to Ron Huber for Vintage Racing. In 2004, the car was purchased by Dan Verstuyft of Paso Robles, CA and has subsequently has has won many Vintage Events.

Robert Yates quotes, "This car has possibly the most significant history of any of our cars and definitely has the longest career of any car that we have had."

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