1968 Dirt Champ Car

This 1968 Dirt Champ Car was built by Grant King in Indianapolis (only a rolling chassis). It was a back-up car and was never need nor finished and went up in the rafters at Grant King's shop. When Roger McCluskey started racing with Clint Brawner as mechanic, the car went to Clint Brawner's shop in Phoenix. Before McCluskey could run the car, the rules changed to narrower torsion bars and again, the rolling chassis stayed idle at Brawner's shop.

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Vehicle Type Dirt Champ Car
Year Built 1968
Built By Grant King, Clint Brawner, Gerald Sexton
Engine 255 cubic inch, 4 cam Ford
Owner Jim & Ester Wildharber


Sometime after, Al Unser, Sr., and Gerald Sexton bought the car. Gerald Sexton bought Unser's share and later sold it to Glenn Necessary. Glen restored the car and found the 255 cubic inch, 4 cam Ford motor that is in it now.

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