1932 Ford 5 Window Coupe

What started life as a 1932 Ford 5 window coupe with a 21 stud flat-head V-8 engine, was found by Vern Rauch, Gene's brother, in a barn in Idaho in 2004. It was a complete and absolutely "cherry" vehicle. However, the body was the prize that Gene needed for building his "ultimate" Street Rod.

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Vehicle Type Ford 5 Window Coupe, all original steel body
Year Built 1932 & 2005
Built By Gene Rauch & John Gains. Paint by Paul Smeltzer
Suspension Custom Chassis and Suspension by T.C.I. Chassis
Engine 392 cubic inch Chrysler Hemi by Hap Lewis & Joe Mondello
Owner Gene Rauch


Gene had a Chrysler Hemi and now he had the exceptional all steel body. Next was to located the best street rod chassis available and that search led him to T.C.I. Chassis in Ontario, California. Virtually everything else on the car is new and state of the art.

In addition to the flawless chassis, body, paint, etc., check out the upholstery/interior as it is second to none.

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