Bantam Altered Dragster (BR/S)

Originally a 1932 Bantam, this car was transformed into a 120 inch wheelbase Altered Dragster. Over the years it has transitioned through numerous upgrades and various types of engines.

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Vehicle Type Bantam Altered Dragster
Year Built 1932 (original)
Built By Jim Hawk & Walk Skoczylas
Suspension Solid Front Axle, Cross Leaf Spring, 4 Link Rear
Engine 292 cubic inch in-line six cylinder Chevy, L6, Hilborn Fuel Injection, Methanol Fuel
Owner Jim Hawk


Today, the engine is a full race 292 cubic in 6 cylinder engine connected to a Race Prep Power Glide transmission. It runs in the Inliners International organization in the BR/S class. With a weight of over 1600 pounds, it is a Class Record Holder at just over 135 mpg with a 10.05 elapsed time.

This car has been in the hands of Jim Hawk who has raced it at Bakersfield, California, Woodburn, Oregon, and Medford Oregon.

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