1925 Dodge Brothers Ambulance

The Dodge Brothers, John and Horace, were early stockholders and engine builders for Ford Motor Company before producing their first automobile in 1914. By 1922, they had become 2nd only to Ford Motor Company in automobile production in the United States. Priced at under $900.00, it was more expensive than the Model T Ford, but in many ways it was far more advanced. It had an innovative combination starter/generator, "starterator," making Dodge the first mass produced self-starting automobile. It also came standard with a 12 volt electrical system. (For instance General Motors didn't upgrade to 12-volt until the mid 1950's.)

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Vehicle Type Dodge Brothers Ambulance
Year Built 1925
Built By Dodge Brothers
Suspension Solid Axles and Semi-Elliptic Springs Front and Rear with Friction Shocks
Engine 4 Cylinder, 212.5 cubic inch L-Head with single updraft Stewart carburetor. Estimated 35 Horsepower
Owner Frank & Betsey Kelton


As an aside, have you ever wondered why the 3-speed floor shift standard transmission shift pattern is in towards the driver with pushed forward for reverse and pulled back for 1st gear? It seems that even in those days our government got involved and wanted shift patters standardized. The Dodge shift patters was correct, back was back and forward was forward, but there were already far more Fords on the road with this "backward" pattern. Henry Ford lobbied and convinced congress to support his design. Therefore, all future vehicles had to comply with Ford's shift pattern.

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