1923 Fronty Ford "Big Car"

The Fronty Ford head was designed by C.W. Van Ranst for the Chevrolet brothers in 1919 or 1920. This head design was an early attempt to increase horsepower and reliability of a stock block engine by adapting a racing designed head to a rather inexpensive and readily available power plant. The tried and true Ford Model T engine which was produced from 1908 - 1927 was the engine of choice.

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Vehicle Type Fronty Ford "Big Car" - A name used to describe early full size American oval track race cars.
Year Built Estimated 1923
Built By Chevrolet Bros. Mfg Company. Arthur and Louis Chevrolet
Suspension Solid front axle, Cross leaf springs front and rear
Engine Model T, 4 cylinder, Short Block 177 cubic inch Model D-O Fronty Head, Dual Overhead Cam with 4 Valves per Cylinder
Owner Jan & Meredith Voboril


As the rules for the Indianapolis 500 had been reduced to 183 cubic inches, the 177 cubic inch Model T engine was ideal. The first of these engines were placed in Monroe Frontenacs and placed 5th overall in the 1924 Indianapolis 500. Later, in an attempt to create an affordable race car to race on smaller fair tracks, dirt tracks, around the country, Van Ranst designed the Fronty Ford, which was an immediate success and was truly the forerunner of what has evolved into today's modern Sprint class of oval track race cars.

This beautiful example is currently maintained and raced in Vintage racing events by Jan Voboril of Paso Robles.

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